Meet Your Mappers

Discover mappers near you!

Mappers in action with ICMS and Kathmandu Living Labs in Nepal, source
Meet Your Mapper (MYM) tells you who has mapped in your area, when, and how much. Use it for fun, curiosity, or to help you make a list of people to invite to a mapping party or some other OSM event.

If you are interested in more detail about what other mappers are doing in your area, there are way better tools to do that, like OSMCha, Whodidit and Who's Around Me.

About Mapper Types

MYM groups mappers into types based on their mapping history for the area of interest. There are normal mappers, power mappers, and mayfly mappers, and new mappers. If someone has not mapped recently, they are either retired or forgotten.


The source code is available on Github. It is written in Python using the Flask framework, and Javascript for the front end functionality.

Meet your Mappers was created by Martijn van Exel.